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ABC-I signed an agreement for service delivery to CJSC ‘HUMO’ agricultural finance department. The key target is to enhance CJSC ‘HUMO’’s agricultural lending portfolios, in a cost effective and low risk manner. The following service components are being delivered by ABC-I finance and agriculture experts:

  • Training in the agricultural credit departments. Provision of a new Agro-Lending Manual (exclusively designed by ABC-I for Tajik Finance Institutions). The Manual includes tools and methodologies to conduct financial analysis, coefficients of credit risk, and recommendations on reduction of the value of “Portfolio at risk” by means of conducting agro-monitoring of farmer client’s activities and productions during the season of cultivation.
  • Practical training and consultation to credit experts on how to implement effective financial and agronomical analysis, and agro-monitoring of clients.
  • Training on and support of the development and regular updating of the innovative ‘Client Assessment Tool’ (CAT), an electronic program which enables MDO ‘HUMO’ to accurately evaluate the potential client’s risk levels in a very short time.

After 2 months of theoretical and practical training the specialists will have the capacity to independently support financial and agronomical analysis of clients and train additional credit experts of MDO ‘HUMO’.