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Since September 2013 ABC-I is delivering services to Tajik ‘Bank ESKHATA’, for the design of new lending guidelines for their agricultural credit portfolio. ABC-I supports the bank with developing and implementing new credit monitoring procedures and provides training to the ‘Bank ESKHATA’ credit officers.

A key target of the cooperation is to adapt and expand the innovative ‘Client Assessment Tool’ (CAT), an electronic program which provides accurate and highly time efficient evaluations of farmer client’s applications for credits. ABC-I provides service for regular updating of the tool. ‘CAT’ will form an integral part of ‘Bank ESKHATA’’s credit scoring system for agricultural lending in the future.

ABC-I delivered training workshops to 75 ‘Bank ESKHATA’ credit officers in Sugd, Khatlon and RRS Regions. The workshops focused on knowhow transfer and practical training on efficient implementation of the new lending procedures. The service delivered efficient results, and immediately started increasing the quantity of ‘Bank ESKHATA’ client evaluations. 

In March 2014 ABC-I experts started consultation on practical implementation of the financial and agronomical analysis, and for agro-monitoring of clients. This service is carried out in cooperation with credit experts of 8 branches of the ‘Bank ESKHATA’ in the 3 regions.