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usmonkulUsmonkul Boturov

General Manager Tajikistan, Manager Agricultural Sector

Usmonkul is a highly qualified agronomist with an impressive track record in agricultural project management. Usmonkul graduated from the Tajik Agricultural University in 1997 with specialization in agronomy. In 2006 he completed his PhD in soil tillage and nutrition.

Since his graduation, Usmonkul has held management positions with a number of organizations and projects. For seven years he was the head of diagnostics laboratory of soil science research institute Tajik Agricultural Academy of Science. In 2008 he joined the EU/ EBRD funded TAFF (Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework ) project. In his role as senior agronomist and deputy manager his responsibilities extended to supervising all aspects of agricultural finance including bank client analysis, loan monitoring, value chain finance, institutional group lending and bank staff training. He was responsible for the organization and implementation of various value chain finance pilot projects and was instrumental in the successful establishment of technical assistance groups (TAG) and innovative experimental farms (IEF) operating throughout Tajikistan and providing services to agricultural clients.

In 2013 Usmonkul became a founding member and shareholder of ABC-I. As our Director in Tajikistan and Manager of the Agricultural Division, he is responsible for the day to day running of our operations and the sustainability and growth of our Tajik business.

Usmonkul's expertise includes agricultural science, agricultural finance, value chain finance, business management and communication.