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laurieLaurie Kaelin

Manager of International Cooperation, Member of the Board

Laurie started his career in agriculture in 1976 working on mixed farming properties in Switzerland, England and Ireland. He obtained his diploma in general agriculture in 1980 and later graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Tropical Technical Institute (Agriculture) in Basel, Switzerland, 1985).

Following his graduation, Laurie accepted a position as the head of the agricultural department for the Dutch import/ export Company "Reiss and Co." in Ghana and Nigeria (Africa). Laurie's responsibilities included managing input and technology supply and providing technical assistance to the cocoa, cotton, rubber and oil palm industries.

After 7 years in Africa, seeking new challenges, Laurie and his family emigrated to Australia. He took on a representative position with Sandoz Ltd, a multinational manufacturer of crop protection materials. In this role, Laurie broadened his expertise in large scale crop production in irrigated and rain fed farming systems.
Laurie recognized the potential opportunities for service providers specializing in technical assistance in a modern fast changing production environment. In 1996 he joined a local agricultural advisory firm and in 2000 founded his own successful consultancy business, offering technical assistance to large scale cotton and grain producers in Australia.

In 2005 he expanded his activities to international markets providing consultancy services to a range of international donor organizations and private individuals in Europe and Central Asia. Between 2005 and 2010 he worked as an expert in Tajikistan on cotton debt resolution (Asian Development Bank), facilitating agricultural reform (CECI) in the cotton sector and improving access to finance, production inputs and legal aid (EBRD, EU, SDC). During this time Laurie also headed a team of experts to carry out an operational review of a large scale wheat production enterprise in Kazakhstan on behalf of Rabobank.

In 2010 he took on a full time position in the EBRD/ EU funded "Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework project" (TAFF). He and his team developed pragmatic and functioning value chain structures in the Tajik agricultural sector and supported the establishment of an effective agricultural finance system with commercial banks and other finance institutions.
During this time Laurie also carried out assignments for agricultural finance projects in Turkey, Ukraine and Senegal.

After the completion of the TAFF project in February 2013 Laurie joined the DFID – GIZ "GREAT" project, offering his expertise for the consolidation and expansion of linkages and structures in Tajik agriculture.

In 2013 Laurie became a co- founder and "Member of the Board" of ABC-I.