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sanginovJamshed Sanginov

Manager Commercial Sector, Tajikistan

Jamshed Sanginov graduated from the Tajik Agriculture University in 2007 with a degree in Agricultural economics and accounting.

Jamshed started his professional career in the banking sector when he accepted a position with MCDO Finansoviy Dom. His responsibilities included currency regulation and funds transfer activities.

In 2008 Jamshed joined the Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) supported "Support to the seed sector development of Tajikistan" project. His main responsibilities included project logistics, import of farm machinery, laboratory equipment and seeds. He was instrumental in developing marketing strategies and establishing linkages between producers and R&D organizations in the agricultural and seed production sectors.

Jamshed further expanded his expertise in logistics and project management when he joined the EU/ EBRD funded TAFF (Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework) project in 2011. In this project Jamshed was responsible for the planning and implementation of "Innovative Experimental Farms" (IEF) that could be used for showcasing new and innovative crops and farming methods to local farmers, processors and buyers. In this role he established strong relationships with international machinery manufacturers, seed companies and import/ export organizations.

Jamshed became a founding member and shareholder of ABC-I in 2013. He holds the position of Manager Financial Services, Tajikistan. His expertise includes agricultural economics, accounting, logistics, procurement, private business development and international trade.