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boboalievJamshed Boboaliev

Manager Financial Services, Tajikistan

Jamshed graduated from the Tajik State University of Commerce in 2001 with a diploma in Economy, specialty "Finance & Credit". He recently completed an advanced trainings course in "Essentials of Rural and Agricultural Lending", "Corporate Financial Analysis and "Financial Analysis & Forecasting" provided by the EBRD funded TAFF (Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework) project.

Since his graduation Jamshed has gained extensive practical experience in the banking sector and has held positions in international finance projects. He has expertise in loan cycle, portfolio at risk and loan default management, financial analysis, agricultural lending, value chain finance and institutional group lending. Jamshed understands the complexities and challenges of building a diversified and high quality loan portfolio and has the necessary skills to identify lending needs and contribute to the creation of novel loan products.

In 2013, Jamshed became a founding member and shareholder of ABC-I. He is our Manager of Financial Division, Tajikistan.

Jamshed is objective and outcome oriented in all aspects of his work. He is driven by professionalism and by a desire to excel. His communication skills and his ability to be a team player as well as a team leader allow him to deliver results in an efficient and effective manner.