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stephanStephan Henggeler

Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

Stephan holds a Masters in Agricultural Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland (M.Ag.Sc. ETH, 1986).

laurieLaurie Kaelin

Manager of International Cooperation, Member of the Board

Laurie started his career in agriculture in 1976 working on mixed farming properties in Switzerland, England and Ireland. He obtained his diploma in general agriculture in 1980 and later graduated with a Bachelor degree from the Tropical Technical Institute (Agriculture) in Basel, Switzerland, 1985).

weissenHugo Weissen

Manager of International Agronomy Services, Member of the Board

Hugo graduated in 1992 from the Bern University's School of Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences with a Bachelor degree (BSc BFH) in Agronomy. He emigrated to Australia in 1994 and took up the position as field scientist with a multinational manufacturer of plant protection materials. In his role he conducted R&D field experiments in a wide range of crops throughout Australia.

scherrerKaspar Scherrer

Company Secretary and Member of the Board

Kaspar graduated in 1985 from the Bern University's School of Agricultural Forest and Food Sciences with a Bachelor degree (BSc BFH) in Agronomy.

usmonkulUsmonkul Boturov

General Manager Tajikistan, Manager Agricultural Sector

Usmonkul is a highly qualified agronomist with an impressive track record in agricultural project management. Usmonkul graduated from the Tajik Agricultural University in 1997 with specialization in agronomy. In 2006 he completed his PhD in soil tillage and nutrition.

sanginovJamshed Sanginov

Manager Commercial Sector, Tajikistan

Jamshed Sanginov graduated from the Tajik Agriculture University in 2007 with a degree in Agricultural economics and accounting.

boboalievJamshed Boboaliev

Manager Financial Services, Tajikistan

Jamshed graduated from the Tajik State University of Commerce in 2001 with a diploma in Economy, specialty "Finance & Credit". He recently completed an advanced trainings course in "Essentials of Rural and Agricultural Lending", "Corporate Financial Analysis and "Financial Analysis & Forecasting" provided by the EBRD funded TAFF (Tajik Agricultural Finance Framework) project.

olgaOlga Marikhina

Office and Client Logistics Manager, Tajikistan

Olga graduated from The Russian-Tajik Slavonic University of Dushanbe in 2003 with a bachelor degree in Economics, specialty "Management of organization".